Week 10 Solutions

So you want to be a data scientist This week can feel like a bit of a doozy, as the difficulty really ramps up. Something to remember - most data scientists spend most of their time cleaning, transforming, and tidying their data.

Which Model do I use?

Introduction This is a very constrained, simple table to help students decide what type of statistical modeling is appropriate for their research question and data set. Table 1: Which Model Do I Use?

Chapter 3

One of the wonderful features of the R statistical universe is the number of free, high-quality instructional materials available. Throughout the remainder of the course, we will be learning and working from the R for Data Science book (you’ll see this book shorthanded as R4DS in this course and all over the web), by two giants of the R space: Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund .

SPSS Cheat Sheet

SPSS Cheat Sheet This contains some of the most common SPSS procedures for basic data analysis. Data Cleaning Missing Data Counts Analyse >> Descriptive Statistics >> Frequencies Select the variable(s) Click Continue and then OK Missing data counts will be at the top of the resulting output.