Developing Race and Gender Estimates for US Law Enforcement Leadership

Introduction Researchers might be interested in developing a descriptive understanding of the gender and race composition of a particular industry, organization, or other institution. Oftentimes this is done with sampling from a population.

Improving Victim Engagement and Officer Response in Rape Investigations

The initial interaction between rape victims and police affects how cases progress through the criminal justice system. In one US state capitol, the police agency determined its initial response to rape victims was sub-par. Victim engagement was low, …

What Police Believe

The article begins with promises of a “deep dive” but ends up misjudging the depth of the pool. It soon became clear where the author went wrong: He forgot to listen to cops.

Tidying STM with tidytext

Libraries library(tidytext) library(ggthemes) library(tidyverse) library(ggplot2) library(dplyr) library(scales) Load Previous STM Objects I have previously run stm models for topics ranging from 3 to 25. Based on the fit indices, a six-topic model was selected.

The Tyranny of Feeling

“That’s the problem with police, you don’t show enough feeling,” she said. “You don’t feel enough.” She’s right, of course. A drowning in a desert town with no lakes.

It Will Have Blood

I was dispatched on a gunshot. The 65-year-old mother reported her son had just shot himself. She was refusing to provide CPR or go see if he was okay.